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Mountainville Academy was founded on a vision of a school that is academically rigorous, where children are actively engaged in the learning process and focused on the mastery of basic skills through programs that are specific, challenging and effective; a school that fosters an environment of integrity, personal responsibility and respect for others, and provides a well-rounded education through a broad range of historical, scientific and cultural topics; a school with smaller class sizes and teachers in partnership with parents. These ideals are the basis of the mission, vision and philosophy of Mountainville Academy.

At the heart of our philosophy is the desire to foster partnership between parents and teachers and strengthen their efforts to develop each child into a well-rounded, knowledgeable, confident, and motivated person of character.  We strive to do this through an educational environment rooted in the following principles:

A Strong Academic Focus: Securing a broad and strong foundation of essential knowledge and skills with which to build upon is vital to success.  Mountainville Academy students master skills and concepts through research-based and time-proven curricula with concentration on building high proficiency in Language Arts and Mathematics. We believe that success in these areas leads to success in all areas of study, which in turn builds confidence, a love of learning and a desire to pursue more knowledge.
A Well-Rounded Education: Our curriculum exposes students to major achievements and works within each discipline, extending instruction beyond core academics to include foreign language, music, art, and a broad range of topics. The curriculum integrates academic subjects and the study of other cultures, historical events, science, fine arts, and how these subjects relate to one another. Each subject is structured and sequenced to build upon each consecutive year.
Character Development:  The educational program is balanced with the provision of positive character strengthening programs that encourage the application of good conduct, respect, self-discipline, values, service, increased productivity, and personal/interpersonal effectiveness to create responsible and contributing members of society.
Leveled Learning: The varied academic levels of each student are addressed through instruction in small, flexible groups so that less advanced students receive the help they need and more advanced students stay challenged.
Small Class Environment: Class sizes consist of about 25 students and are taught by licensed teachers. Classes in the lower grades are assisted by teaching assistants, bringing the student-teacher ratio to about 13.
Parent Involvement: The quality of education and the success of both the school and the students who attend are fortified by an active parent presence to support students and teachers. Mountainville Academy parents are encouraged to participate through a variety of opportunities that will benefit the school and accommodate their individual circumstances.

 A Positive Environment: As students realize accomplishment in the mastery of skills and concepts, their confidence and self-worth grows as well as their desire to pursue more knowledge and understanding. This love of learning is essential to academic and personal growth and is enhanced by caring and kind teachers who display enthusiasm for teaching, appreciation of the individual child, and dedication to the success and well-being of their students.

In forming a vision for this school, we also desired that it be reminiscent of local history, which is why the name Mountainville Academy was chosen. In early September of 1850, seven families arrived in Utah Valley and, seeing that settlements had already begun in what are now Lehi and American Fork, turned to head northeast. They found abundant water and rich soil, and settled around the middle of the far north-east end of Utah Valley. As the first settlement in north-eastern Utah Valley, it was known as Mountainville, no doubt a tribute to the beautiful mountains that surround us. Our desire is to honor that heritage and expose the next generation to the history that they benefit from today.

To add to the historical atmosphere we desire for our school, the building’s architecture is designed to be reminiscent of the old Alpine Schoolhouse. Although the term “charter school” was not used back in 1899 when the Alpine Schoolhouse was built, the school was essentially a charter school. It was started by the residents and parents in the area and it was run by its own Board of Trustees, who managed it financially and academically. The school was financially sound, could hire teachers of its choice, and had a reputation for being one of the outstanding schools in the state. In 1915 the state of Utah initiated a consolidation of all the schools in the area and insisted that Alpine School join them, forming what has now become the Alpine School District. When this change occurred, the policies and management of the school were no longer in the hands of the trustees and parents, but were under the authority of the school district.
The “old red schoolhouse”, as it came to be fondly known, was abandoned in January of 1965 when Alpine Elementary was built. It was demolished in April of 1968, with feelings of both sadness and joy. With such rich historical content in our community, we feel it most appropriate to bring a taste of it back to life by building a school that is both reminiscent of our heritage and enthusiastic about the future. This is reflected in the name of our school, Mountainville Academy, and in our desire to pattern its architecture after the old Alpine Schoolhouse, while taking advantage of technology and curricula to give students the necessary tools to thrive in an ever-changing world.

Parents are the founding force behind Mountainville Academy.  In order to create a school worthy of the heritage it implies, we employed many, many countless hours of study and research into effective teaching practices and various methods of instruction. Our approach is based on our findings, which includes information from Project Follow Through, the world's largest education study on effective teaching practices ever conducted. To learn more about Project Follow Through, visit Effective School Practices and Association of American Educators.

Parents of students continue to actively participate in committees, governance, and volunteer work through a variety of means on an ongoing basis. As a general guideline, parents should expect to contribute about 40 hours of volunteer service throughout the school year for dual-parent families, and 20 hours for single-parent families. Volunteer opportunities are diverse in nature to accommodate individual circumstances and parents are expected to put forth their best efforts in contributing to the success of Mountainville Academy.

In conclusion, Mountainville Academy exemplifies the choice of education that we, it’s Founders, desire for our own children. We invite you to explore more deeply the educational opportunity we offer, and welcome you to join us.


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