Heather Tomlinson

Media & Elem Computer Specialist

I'm happy to have the job I went to school for! I taught preschool for several years in Logan while earning my teaching certificate and library media endorsement from USU. I graduated in 2005, and started setting up the library for Mountainville Academy a few months later.

Those who know me are not surprised I grew up to become a librarian. My parents tell me I've been a reader since before Kindergarten. I especially love Anne of Green Gables, Regency era romance, and young adult fantasy. Other favorites are tomatoes, Big Band music & dancing (lindy hop & charleston), peanut butter & chocolate, old musicals (Fred Astaire, etc); creating photo albums, community theater (I've played the part of Mrs. Potts!), and spending time with my brothers and sisters.

I'm a life-time Utahn, except 2 years as a student in Idaho and 18 months as a missionary in Alberta, Canada. I've seen the sun shine atmidnight in Alaska, been swimming in the Costa Rican ocean, walked the freedom trail in Boston, visited a lighthouse in Oregon, admired castles along the Rhine River, taken a riverboat ride down the Mississippi, toured Jane Austen's house, and watched the sunset from the top of Mount Pisgah (NC).

Someday I might play an important role in a theater production, see heather growing in Scotland, visit Beatrix Potter's house, fall in love, marry the man of my dreams, and raise lots of perfect children. But until then, I'm enjoying being a school librarian!