Heidi Poppleton


I feel so very lucky to be Mountainville Academy's Elementary PE teacher, Middle School Dance teacher, and Girls Volleyball coach this year. I am originally from San Diego, CA but have been in Utah County the last 4 years. I fell in love with one of those local Springville boys so it looks like I am here to stay for a while. 


I have a Bachelor's degree in Exercise and Wellness from Brigham Young University and an Associate's in Education from Brigham Young University Hawaii, so I was absolutely thrilled to begin a job that is the perfect fusion of health, exercise and education. I am a certified health coach and started a wellness centered summer camp for youth in Provo the summer of 2020 called "Wellness Starts with WE" (because wellness starts with WE, while illness starts with I). I did this to combat the crazy teen depression that surfaced during the early COVID days. I worked as a PE teacher in Orem from 2019-2020 and a movement preschool instructor at Cahoots Fitness in Lehi. All of these experiences, along with working along side some spectacular teachers at Mountainville last year, have prepared me to take on the Elementary PE position. 


  I have 3 main goals in PE. One, I want to aid in the entire school's effort to help the students to become leaders and problem solvers. I know that these are the most important things for them to learn to become dynamic and free thinking individuals as they grow up. This is far more important than any kinesthetic skill they will learn from me. I plan to do this by implementing our schools's motto "If a child can do it, let them". Second, I want to help my students conquer the fear of failure. I know that no one ever became great at anything unless they failed at it first. The people who have done the most in this world are those who did not let failure get them down. I hope for every student to become ok with failing in my class as they strive for excellence but before they get there. If they learn this, then there is no way they will not go far in life. I will do this by praising effort more than I praise natural ability. Third, I will strive to have my students understand the importance of physical fitness and help them learn to have fun with it. When done right, striving for physical health will also help us to balance out our emotional, mental, social and spiritual health. I know elementary students don't need to know all about that right now, but if they learn to have fun while exercising, this will start them out on the right foot in gaining that balance that so much of the world lacks right now. 


I am looking so forward to teaching all the Mountainville students and helping them to stay extra active this year!