Julia Mooney

Kindergarten (Blake)

Hello, my name is Julia Thomas-Mooney and I was born in Shropshire, England, which is situated  in the middle of the U.K. deep in the countryside amongst the rolling green hills. I was educated at William Brookes School in Much Wenlock, Shropshire and my home town is Ironbridge, named after the first Ironbridge to be built in the world in 1779.

  I have worked in the House Rental Business for many years as a Director of my own company and previous to that worked as a Manager of Sales in Antiques & Reproduction Furniture. I have travelled around the world to far off places like Israel, Morocco and most of Europe. My wonderful husband and I were lucky to own a Holiday home in Gironde, South of France, where we spent a lot of fantastic times getting to know the French markets and beautiful rural way of living. 

 We are both quite adventurous and 5 years ago we decided to sell up and move to the USA. We were lucky enough to land in Alpine where we love living. We started up a new business and now it is my time to start a new career. 

My passion and hobbies are anything to do with crafts, art work, Up-Cycling and painting furniture.  I have been teaching my Niece and Nephew, who live close by, all types of craft and art and as my own Step Children and Grandchildren are now far away back in the U.K. and Australia, I have loved the time spent with them. Now I have the opportunity to work with younger children in Kindergarten I am over the moon with excitement. 

 Over the Summer I have been busy creating an English cottage garden which I have been enjoying with my two Lakeland Terriers. I also like to walk, mountain bike and do Yoga. Cooking is also a passion and I create the best British Sunday Roast, probably in Utah!!

  I can’t wait to be part of The Mountainville Academy team and help the children grow and learn. Finally, yes, I do have the ‘Cute British Accent’, so story times will be fun.