Kathy Carey

4th Grade

I grew up mostly in North Carolina, Nebraska, and Arizona. I surprised myself by staying in Utah after graduating from BYU in Home Economics Education in 2002. I taught a total of five years in Middle/High Schools. My classes included Adult Roles & Financial Literacy, Career Exploration, Child Development, and various levels of Foods and Nutrition. I loved working with young people and am passionate about the subjects of my field. I stopped for about a year to do a second Bachelor's in Psychology at the University of Utah (while substitute teaching, and working in a teenage treatment center). I even did a year in a Counseling Psychology Doctorate program, before I discontinued. I've been blessed to be home with my kids for twelve years. We have five kids, ages 5, almost 8, almost 10, 12, and 22 (attending Utah Valley University). An interesting fact about us is that we adopted our oldest from Missouri as an adult when we were looking at infant adoption! We love Mountainville Academy and I'm excited to support the amazing things happening here!