Thank you for considering a charitable donation to Mountainville Academy. Donations can be made on Mountainville's online school store, a check sent by mail, or in the front office. In the front office we can accept cash or check donations.

After donating, tax-deductible receipts will be prepared for each contribution upon request. Mountainville Academy maintains a detailed budget, and 100% of the funds donated are placed into accounts as designated by the donor. An accounting system is used which allows individual donations to be designated to specific areas within our school. For example, donations may be directed toward specific classrooms, school projects, programs, or to our annual Mountainville fundraising project. All receipts contain an explanation of the designation, along with the dollar amount.


Our Donation Form makes your giving easy and convenient. Mountainville Academy will issue a receipt that you may use for tax purposes upon request. Donations may be directed to and used for purposes such as the following:

  • Technology
  • Helps with the procurement of iPads, computers, and other technology
  • Language Arts
  • Math
  • Science Projects
  • STEM Lab
  • Matching Grant Funds
  • Student Awards
  • A particular teacher's classroom
  • A school department: Music, Drama, etc.
  • A choral or instrumental group
  • Field trips