Dress Code

Mountainville Academy believes a dress standard is a necessary element in promoting a healthy learning environment, including equality, citizenship and school pride. All students attending Mountainville Academy will be required to adhere to a uniform-style dress code and abide by the standards of the Mountainville Academy Uniform Dress Code Policy.

Monday-Thursday Dress

  • Khaki or navy pants, shorts, or skirts/jumpers.
  • Solid navy blue, red, or white polo or collared shirt. 
  • Any socks & shoes are allowed. Closed-toed closed-heeled footwear is required. No lights or wheels on footwear.
  • No extreme hairstyles or unnatural hair colors.

Friday Dress

  • Jeans or uniform pants, shorts, or skirts can be worn with Mountainville Spirit Shirt or polo/collared shirt.  


  • Non-hooded/hooded sweaters/sweatshirts are acceptable as long as they are solid white, navy blue, or red. 
  • Coats/Jackets are not allowed in class but they can be worn in the halls/outside as long as they are removed while in class.
  • Warm and comfortable uniformed hoodies are available for pre-order on the School Store.

Dress Code Purchasing Information

In order to ensure compliance with the Mountainville Academy Uniform Dress Code Policy, parents and students should carefully review all uniform dress code guidelines contained within the current year's dress code policy.

School uniforms are available for purchase through many different stores and vendors. However, please note that not all advertised "school uniforms" comply with the Mountainville Academy Uniform Dress Code Policy. Regardless of where purchased, all dress code clothing must match the colors, fabrics, styles, and regulations described throughout the policy.

If you have any questions, please contact the front office.