Mountainville Academy follows a classical approach, recognizing that young minds require a solid foundation of knowledge to support higher learning, reasoning and critical thinking skills. Given the importance of reading, writing, and mathematics as the basis for all learning, we place special emphasis on developing high proficiency in these subjects.

Mountainville Academy upholds high standards for our curriculum choices to ensure a challenging, content-rich educational approach. Before adoption and incorporation into the academic program, all curriculum choices are scrutinized and researched extensively for content and alignment

To support these researched-based activities and the Utah Core State Standards, Mountainville Academy uses the following curriculum and programs:

We also use the following assessments throughout the year:

  • RISE (READINESS IMPROVEMENT SUCCESS EMPOWERMENT): The RISE formative benchmark and summative assessments test students in the areas of English Language Art (ELA), Mathematics, Science, and Writing.
  • Acadience Fluency and Comprehension Benchmark Assessments