School Safety Plan

Safe Schools Policy

It is Mountainville Academy’s intent to maintain a safe and positive atmosphere by prohibiting acts of violence, aggressive behavior, bullying, intimidation, possession of weapons, criminal behavior or gang activity on school property.

Closed Campus

For the safety and welfare of students, we maintain a closed campus. Students may not leave the school grounds during school hours without a parent or guardian. If a student needs to leave school, a parent or guardian must come inside and check the child out from the office. 

Accidents and Illness

If accidents or illness occur, the school will contact the parents or the designated person on the health information sheet. Please keep the Emergency and Health Information Sheet up to date.

Safety Drills

Mountainville Academy conducts regular safety drills for fires, earthquake, and for school lock downs in order to help students and teachers be prepared to respond calmly, safely, and quickly in any emergency situation.

Carpool Safety Guidelines

Students are dropped off at the front school curb. Refrain from using your cell phones during carpool. Follow all carpool staff instructions and carpool traffic markings. Drive within the school carpool route and do not take shortcuts. Visitors and students always use crosswalk lanes and avoid crossing lanes of through traffic during carpool. 

Standard Response Protocol