LuRae Taylor

4th Grade Teacher

I love working at Mountainville Academy. When the school opened in 2006 I came to work here since my two daughters were enrolled here. I worked in the office and as an instructor. For the next 6 years I worked as an instructor in many different grades while getting my Bachelors degree in Elementary Education and my Masters degree in Special Education from the University of Phoenix. After I graduated I worked at a different school for three years before coming back to Mountainville Academy as a 4th Grade teacher in 2016.

My first husband passed away in 2015 from Melanoma Cancer. I am now remarried and between the two of us we have three adult girls and three adult boys. Two of which are married and we have one grandson. Since I have remarried I have learned photography and I love taking pictures of birds, since my husband is an avid bird watcher. I love reading and traveling with my husband. I have wanted to be a teacher since I was 12 years old. I wanted to teach just like my sixth grade teacher. She was fun, engaging and we all felt welcomed in her class.