Maricel Ellsworth

Half Day Kindergarten

I graduated UVU in 2001 with a degree in Business Management and I have my Utah Teaching Certification. When my first child was born, I put my career on hold in favor of being at home with him.  I loved helping him and my other kids explore their world.  All of my children entered kindergarten with the basics of reading, counting, and writing. So, when I noticed my eldest struggling in public school, I didn’t hesitate to homeschool him. In addition, to teaching elementary school courses to my own child, I taught additional courses in a home-school co-op for 2 years.  When he decided to return to school for the social aspect, teaching was put on back burner.

My husband and three rambunctious boys moved here from Maryland a little over a year ago.  We were thrilled to have them all enrolled in Mountainville Academy. I love the community and learning environment created by Mountainville. I am so excited to teach kindergartener’s spread their wings, explore their world and see how their sparks will ignite it.