Tara Edwards

Science Teacher

Hello parents and students,

I love teaching! I didn't know this at first. When I was 19 I graduated from then Rick's College as an RN. I enjoyed working with the patients but didn't like the stress that came with it. After I served an LDS mission to Hong Kong (I actually grew up in Hong Kong 4th to 8th grades, before that I lived in Hawaii, Australia and was born in Calgary, Canada) I came home and completed my teaching degree at BYU. I taught science at American Fork Junior High School (where I also attended for 9th grade) and that is when I realized how fun teaching could be. I remember dissecting squid with my students and then frying it up- Yum!

However, I stopped teaching when I began having my own children. I have 4 daughters and one son and all of them have come and succeeded at Mountainville. We were here on opening day. I love the philosophy of Mountainville and was so thrilled at the opportunity to work here. In 2010 I started as an elementary aide until I was able to renew my teaching degree and teach my true passion of science. Some of my favorite science wow moments include tracking bears in the Book Cliffs, following eels as we snorkeled in Hawaii, looking at Saturn through a telescope, building a hovercraft with my students and of coarse eating salad from hydroponic lettuce we grew in the classroom. Currently, I am on the hunt for tardigrades, microscopic water bears found in moss and lichens. Science is everywhere. I am so excited to see my students become science seekers and STEM specialists!